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area job market. that brings us to the next surprise. san francisco and san mateo counties lost 3500 jobs in september resulting in a lower overall bay area net job gain. >> there is a catch in all of this. >> among the job gains, many of them have been concentrated in lower wage jobs. >> reporter: that's why tens of thousands of people are still struggling. this employment development department was busy friday with people looking for work and for some, time has run out. like daniel landry, his unemployment benefits ran out in june. he has been looking for work for 2.5 years. >> it's been very difficult. it's something that, you know, like they say, you know, finding a job is a job. >> reporter: experts say avoid the construction and manufacturing sectors. they say those two industries keep losing jobs almost on a monthly basis. in the newsroom, i'm da lin, cbs 5. >>> the jobs report in several swing states could help president obama. unemployment rates fell or held steady last month in nine key states. rates dropped in ohio, florida, wisconsin, colorado, iowa, nevada and north ca
different through orange colored glasses. in the heart of san francisco, a giant orange heart. victoria's secret even had a giant bra -- i don't mean like a giant bra but it's orange, giants bra. >> it's supposed to be the happiest color, makes people happy. >> orange. >> for sure. >> reporter: at graphics sport wear they have been working on shirts since the game ended. >> when they were down 3-1 we had no idea we would be printing but as they kept winning games, we got ready to print. >> everybody loves the tigers. >> reporter: they won't be buying one. they are from detroit. >> detroit has had tough times so the tigers have been a really nice rallying point for the city. by the way, so we already know the weather for this coming weekend in detroit. possible snow flurries. so when they play ball saturday night in detroit, it's going to be in the 40s. >> reporter: the city of south san francisco it's now a sf city, south san francisco, everybody is a giants fan these days. detroit has gone through hard times as that gentleman was saying bu you know something? i think the country is on
around the bay area got under way today with the america's cup races and fleet week on the san francisco waterfront. people left work early for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival in golden gate park and there is more music with the florence & the machine concert at shoreline. our wild weekend continues tomorrow with more of fleet week and the america's cup right along the san francisco waterfront. one northbound lane of the embarcadero is going to be closed to handle the bike traffic. add to that we have a giants play-off game on saturday and another one on sunday, because it's all weekend, the hardly strictly bluegrass festival is going to draw thousands more to golden gate park. then both cal, stanford, they have home football games. and music fans will be jamming roads for a justin bieber concert at oracle arena. then there is a madonna concert at hp pavilion. on sunday, action continues along the san francisco waterfront. there is a second giants play- off game. the hardly strictly bluegrass festival wraps up in golden gate park, but you also have the castro street fair and the i
catholics officially took over today. salvatore cordileone was installed as archbishop of san francisco in a three-hour mass that included ancient church ritual. cbs 5 reporter mark sayre on a day of ceremony and protest. mark. >> reporter: well, elizabeth, the installation of san francisco's new archbishop met by protestors as well as a counterprotest from those welcome him here. archbishop salvatore cordileone walked inside the front doors of st. mary's cathedral at the beginning of the installation ceremony part of the formal tradition of this service and just a few hundred feway prestors let it be known that they are sappoied by the choice of this particular archbishop formerly the bishop of oakland because of his work on california's same-sex marriage ban pr 8. the archbishop himself did not mention me-sex marriage in his welcoming address but he did address his own recent dui arrest in san diego. >> i cannot, though, adequately express my gratitude to you all for the outpouring of love, support and promises of prayers i received in the wake of the regrettable mistake in judgment i
possible role in a movie star car heist at a san francisco dealer ship. wade's accused of getting on the roof using this mountaineering gear to repel down to a window and breaking it. it's alleged he got into the car, cut the garage door lock and drove off into the night. all the attention on the car theft is misdirected. the attempted murder charges are what could send his client to prison for life. >> if this was a 94 honda accord and it wasn't a tv chef no one would care. >> today he was nothing like the mythical persona in this rap song. two were in court today but didn't want to talk. neither did his mother. but his attorney says there will be plenty to say if the case goes forward. >> there were some real important revelations as far as the san francisco police officer talking about that this was not a one person job. there's been no investigation. >> expect to hear arguments that the car theft had to have been a two person job and wade has to connection to others an theis based on circumstantial evidence. >> other headlines around the bay area. prosecutors stay woman accuse
for the family. >>> the san francisco driver nearly ended up inside a safeway store in the city's marina district. his jaguar jumped the parking bumper and slammed into a line of shopping carts. but the car stopped short of the store's front windows. the driver was not badly hurt. >>> well, if san francisco giants would play tonight they probably would but it's a travel day. they hope to keep up the momentum tomorrow night in detroit. the club left san francisco this morning with a comfortable 2-0 series lead. they boarded buses outside at&t park earlier. >> proud of these guys and hopefully, we'll play the type of ball we played here on the road. >> nobody thought the giants would be where they are so they have been surprising in the last couple of months. >> game 3 is tomorrow night. in the motor city, along with game 4 on sunday and game 5 if necessary on monday. >>> in two days your couch will come with a warning label because a as cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, a controversial flame retardant is now on the state's list of cancer-causing chemicals. >> reporter: we're used
in a mistrial today. deborah madden admits she took cocaine from san francisco's crime lab. prosecutors dismissed hundreds of drug cases because of that confession. but jurors couldn't agree whether madden stole the cocaine through deceptive means so the judge declared a mistrial. >>> thieves break into a home and take more than just electronics. they stole a little girl's puppy. her name is mico. police say thieves broke into a home in south san jose near hayes elementary school. the mother says when they took their puppy they also took a piece of their heart. >> when we found out, the only thing i can think of is how am i going to tell my 10-year-old? what mother wants to tell their children that part of their life has been taken away? i can't do anything about it. >> this is the second time her house has been broken into. a $6,000 reward is being offered for the dog's return. >>> berkeley investigators believe it was a propane tank that likely started this three- alarm fire at a duplex overnight. it took crews two hours to get it under control. five people living in the home were abl
county. we see it to the north. downtown san francisco and right by at&t park, for game 7, a heavy shower just moved through that quickly dissipated as it moved over san francisco bay towards oakland. healdsburg with showers and thunderstorms. you will be getting rain in santa rosa, petaluma, novato in the next 30 minutes and san rafael seeing heavier showers between now and 6:00. here's a peek outside. some of you had sunshine, all of us got the most rain we have had in about six months. novato and the oakland hills nearly an inch of rainfall. vacaville .75". more than half an inch for menlo park and then the south bay sunnyvale and santa cruz barely anything less than one eighth of one inch but widespread the most rain that we have had in any one day since way back on april 25th. this is what it looked like the rain showers that we did receive in san jose. some showers there mess up the morning commute all that oil in the asphalt coming out when it hasn't rained in a while and it hadn't until this morning. now let's talk about the snowfall and higher elevations. plenty of snow in the si
on board the boat did make it back to shore safely. >>> and san francisco shoppers, bring your own bag. the plastic bag ban expanded to retail shops and bookstores. if you don't buy your own, you have to buy a paper bag for 10 cents. >> the smell is disgusting. >> i burn incense because the whole white house stinks no matter what. >> something stinks in the neighborhood. what's brewing up the stench and the act the city forced to take. >> at sfo, the hottest day in two years, 91, and even in the 70s and 80s at the coast but a major temperature change coming up. details on how chilly we'll get, next. >> and then date night at a discount, the questions to ask while making reservations that could save you a good chunk of change. ,,,,,, residents of san rafael's spinnaker point >>> a pungent stench has infiltrated a neighborhood in marin county. >> the residents of the spinaker point neighborhood say they can't take it anymore. the city is forced to take action. >> reporter: this neighborhood looks nice, but the resident said it stinks, literally. >> it's disgusting. >> reporter: because
investigations are underway to determine who knew what and when. >>> now back out live to san francisco city hall where mourners are remembering fallen ambassador chris stevens tonight. we are there now. >> reporter: a memorial for the ambassador started at 4:30, at san francisco city hall. it was filled an hour before that. that holds 700 people. they opened up one of the courthouse rooms right next door and began a televised feed in that room for the overflow crowd. people continue to come in to listen to the long list of specious that -- list of speakers. the san francisco mayor welcomed the gathering today and said that america has lost a true hero. >> we have lost a true hero to our nation. his accomplishments and generosity lives on in all of the places that he has served, promoting mutual respect, understanding and cooperation through international relationships. ambassador stevens is an inspiration to all of us. i did something -- >> reporter: now stevens grew up here in california. spent a lot of time as many bay area people know, attending uc berkeley and going to law school as well. he
. >>> shots were fired early today at a police officer in san francisco's mission district around 1:30 a.m. an undercover officer was driving on highway 101 when he saw shots fired directly at him from a moving car. the car then led the officer on a car chase that ended near bryant street. police arrested one of the suspects. two others got away. no one was hurt. >>> a car crashed into the garage of this home in san francisco's castro valley today. it happened on the 3000 block of market street at about 8:30 a.m. the crash did cause some structural damage to the home. fortunately, no one was hurt. >>> and a developing story as hurricane sandy is already bringing strong winds and some choppy water to miami. the storm barreled into the bahamas this afternoon after slamming into southeastern cuba early this morning ripping off roofs, toppling trees. sandy may cause a super storm mixing with a cold front and affecting the entire east coast from florida on up to maine. we started off with some showers here for the fourth straight morning in parts of the bay area. paul deanno has the forecast.
-sniffing dogs. san francisco police say the 2010 world series taught them a thing or two about taming giants fever. the fans, the frenzy -- >> let's go giants! >> reporter: -- the fraud. >> buyer beware. if you are purchasing a ticket from a scalper, it is illegal and, two, it may be fraudulent. >> reporter: that's not stopping anyone. we caught this slick sleight of hand across from at&t park. look closely. seats the seller claimed along third base flashed like a deck of cards before he caught us looking. >> people want to come see the giants. i'm not going to knock it but i mean if you can get in, get in. >> reporter: for fans, that's what it's all about. getting the hottest ticket in town to the biggest game since the 2010 world series. >> seat tow was good last time. >> go giants! >> reporter: san francisco police have all hands on deck. no officers are are talking time off. the goal something a tad tamer than in 2010. officer carlos manfredi was at the forefront getting pelted with bottles. this time of the city is posting officers in the city's most popular spots. preemptively. >> if
at an undisclosed location here in the bay area to discuss their future. reporting live at the san francisco presidio, linda yee, cbs 5. >>> a day after make landfall super storm sandy still making some history. 48 people have been killed nearly 8 million customers in 15 states are without power. new york city's subway system swamped. countless homes have been destroyed by fire, wind, floods. one government prediction says the wind damage alone could top $7 billion. president obamaed heads to new jersey tomorrow to survey the damage there. sandy dealt the garden state a punishing blow. end tired neighborhoods are under water and beach boardwalks are in ruins. duarte geraldino shows us what's left. >> reporter: access to atlantic city is limited tonight because safety officials say the roads are still not safe. many of the areas are littered with debris. behind me, you can see what's left of a nice chunk of the famed atlantic city boardwalk. it was ripped apart by super storm sandy. tomorrow, the president is expected to join the new jersey governor and tour parts of the state most heavily da
digits for concord, livermore, santa rosa, 101. currently 99. san jose 94. downtown san francisco 85 degrees. big baseball game tonight. short-sleeved shirt weather for the as and rangers. as win two more, they will win the division. clear and warm tonight, first pitch temperature 82 degrees. because this is happening in october, we don't have a heat warning because we're cooling off tonight. we are down to the upper 50s for fremont, san jose 61, concord 61, vallejo 58 degrees. so we're hot during the day. but we are cooling off at night. now, that hot during the day thing? that's gone starting tomorrow. low pressure is work up the california coastline. where it will be tomorrow will give us the same counterclockwise flow but now it's an onshore flow. that means about 10 or 15 degrees cooler widespread with some areas on the peninsula or the coast like downtown san francisco 20 or 25 degrees cooler tomorrow. then low pressure is just going to kind of sit right over top of the bay area this weekend which means highs just about everywhere near the bay. we'll only be in the 60s and comi
to san francisco. >> reporter: the city of oakland is considering more than doubling the number of cameras in this city to 30. carolyn sharpe used to drive a taxi here and is all for it. >> they need to put more up for the simple fact that not only do we have a lot of red light runners, but we also have a lot of showboating. >> reporter: it will cost the city about $2 million to extend the contract with the red light camera company for three years. the city brings in about $1.3 million each year from tickets which is quite a contrast to about a half dozen other bay area cities that have either abandoned red light cameras or are in the process because it's not cost effective. emeryville did away with theirs in june. >> smaller city so they might -- they're more law-abiding citizens in emeryville. >> reporter: in oakland the cameras are set up so not every violator is caught. >> the camera doesn't click unless you're moving 15 miles an hour. so for all those rolling red turns which is -- there's one intersection in particular, you have to be really moving right through that inters
prices soared to the highest in the nation. average gallon of gas $4.74 in san francisco, $4.68 in oakland and $4.67 in san jose. now, with prices going through the roof, cbs 5 reporter phil matier tells us state leaders have opened a federal investigation. i have heard this before, phil. we actually going to see them do anything? >> reporter: that remains to be seen. but you know, ken, what you also have seen before was the time when the gas prices are going through the roof, people still have no choice but to fill up. and that's what's got politicians on the hot seat. here's the story. >> yeah. anywhere helps i guess. >> probably political ex- subpoenaed yhency. >> reporter: that was a sampling of the reaction today at this open gas station to word in a governor brown had issued an order to allow higher polluting winter gas blend to be sold in the state early in the wake of this week's pump prices. >> i took the action that the state can and that is to change the blend in the gasoline so there's more fuel available which should drive down the price. >> reporter: california
to work for san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. >> i look forward to demonstrating why the people elected me as sheriff and look forward for me and my family to return to normalcy. >> it has been nine months since he was accused of domestic violence for bruising his wife's arm. the board of supervisors gave him enough votes to keep his job. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez at city hall of mirkarimi is back in the office while the interim sheriff is still in charge? >> reporter: right. in fact, they are meeting together right now. it might seem awkward but they say it's not. they said they need transitional meetings to bring him back up to speed. not everyone is thrilled he's bam. >>> reporter: as ross mirkarimi arrives back at the sheriff's office this afternoon following seven months of suspension, he insists he will play nice with his elected colleagues even those who tried to get him fired. >> i look forward to working with the mayoring the city attorney and district attorney. >> reporter: but the district attorney had an announcement of his own. >> we're hoping mr. mirkarimi will se
jose. livermore is 87 and downtown san francisco is still baking at 84 degrees. so temperatures running 10 to 15 degrees above average. it changes as soon as tomorrow. details on that and a big change for next week is coming up in a few short minutes. >> thank you. >>> if you saw the flash or heard the boom, it only lasted for a few moments. but now, the day after the big show in the sky, people are out looking for something timeless. cbs 5 reporter da lin joins us live from just outside martinez where the hunt is on. da. >> reporter: last night, people were asking, did you see it? and now they are asking, did you find it? we're in the east bay hills near martinez and we noticed a lot of amateur meteorite hunters are out here looking for fragments. >>> reporter: astronomers say this meteor about the size of a car hit earth's atmosphere around 7:40 last night and fractions might have landed in the hills around martinez. that's got treasure hunters climbing all over the place looking for meteorite fragments. >> i was looking for something, looking for something dark, looking for something
it out. live in san francisco, don knapp, cbs 5. >>> in other headlines around the bay area tonight, police in pacifica investigating how a body ended up in the front yard of a home. officers were called out to the home on dell road about 5:15 this morning after a report of a disturbance there. investigators are calling it a suspicious death. >>> a former high ranking santa clara county medical administrator is facing serious drug charges tonight. dr. marvin bonham is accused of trading prescriptions of powerful drugs like oxycontin in return for cash and meth. the d.a.'s office also says he wrote prescriptions for county residents who had criminal drug histories. >>> multivitamins fighting cancer. new information may have more people popping daily vitamins. in tonight's healthwatch, we examine the study and find out why not everyone will get the same benefits. >> good evening to you, meteorologist paul deanno. it's not every day that we can combine a heat wave extreme fire danger and then steady-to- heavy rainfall all in one forecast. but guess what we're going to do in 10 minutes?
is coming to san francisco's central subway project. the federal government is pitching in the money. the project running through downtown is aim to ease congestion and make commuting easier. the suit claims it violates the city charter prohibiting nonrecreational uses in city parks. >>> today mayor lee and federal transportation officials announced the project will get $942 million. the money finalized funding for the extension of moon's t line through chinatown. the funding comes a day after opponents. muni project filed a lawsuit to stop it. mayor lee calls the lawsuit frivolous. >>> supporters of california's prop 37 making themselves heard in oakland and washington today. >> simple label, all we want is a simple label! >> today was a national day of action for supporters of the november ballot initiative which would require labeling of genetically modified food. meanwhile prop 37 supporters dropped off a petition at the white house. they say it had 200,000 signatures in favor of the proposed law. >>> other bay area headlines a serial arsonist in san jose struck again last night
of san francisco? i'd love to see it go down lombard. >> i was going to say the twisty part of lombard? [ laughter ] >> we thought it would go overhead but you got the best close-up view. i guess after this dave, how long before people are going to get to see it on display? this is a great thing today. >> reporter: it will be on display open to the public on october 30th. >> all right. get a good look while it's there. dave lopez, quite a sight. thanks so much. right where i went to college. >>> how to trade in and up for your kid's halloween costume and who owns your twitter followers? on the consumerwatch, julie watts says you would be surprised. >> reporter: last week a federal judge ruled against a pennsylvania woman who charged her former employer hijacked her twitter account by changing her linkedin -- excuse me her linkedin account by changing her password and swapping her name and photo with the person who replaced her. social media accounts for work may belong to your employer. last year, a california company successfully sued for owner ship of a former employee's 17,000 twitt
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